The Mechanical Engineering Project

The Mechanical Engineering Project
One of the many chalanges of today society is maintaing our life style with minimum repercussion to the environment. today 's world of increasing population and due to the same had become a great problem.
Also the need for alternative fuel are increase due to things that petroleum and diesel are going to vanish next 30 years or so long with increasing prices of feul.
SO this CAV (compressed air vehicle) can become a part of  environmental arsenal.
Major advantage of this is that this vehicle is eco-friendly (pollution free at its tail pipe)
This one is a air car model made by me with my group in BIS Collage of engg. and tecnology in MOGA for the final year project work............and msg to the automobile industries.

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  • Faruk Khan
    Nice one
  • Arif Bhai
    nays video
  • new lanch
    Music apni maa chudane k liye Dale ho
  • Engineering Lab
    this is good project. i like this as a FYP
  • Dragon ball z.
    from where we get air tank
  • charles burton
    So obviously they are manually valving the air because the engine isn't modified..all this is is making an air pump out of an engine with out any valving or cam work..
  • Dhakshina moorthi
    Are you using spark plug
  • Dhakshina moorthi
  • ekram sayed
    Truely Impressive Project.......
  • ekram sayed
    what is the total expenditure to make this project.......?????
  • SK photography
    Hai i am subbiah from St.Mother Theresa Engineering College,Thoohthukudi. I would like to do your project in my college for my final year project. so please tell about it by full details and its cost estimation and used parts and how the engine works and how to modify it etc. Its my mail id tell me about it bro.
  • Sidharth Singh
    As baller as the music !
  • indian solutions
    Car nfs ki Nahi Hai. But Gana nfs most wanted ka hai
    permitanme un comentario...un motor a explosion de 4 tiempos...tiene tiempo de admision,compresio,expansion,y escape...en este sis tema la admision y la compresion son externas al motor de aire comprimido...por lo tanto solo se necesitan los tiempos de expansion y escape.....para ello debo modificar la relacion de transmision del arbol de levas la que en el motor a explosion es de 1/2...en el motor de aire comprimido debe ser de 171...para tener solo los tiempos de :expansion y escape...esta es a forma mas eficiente de un motor alternativo movido poir aire comprimido...ustedes no lo estan haciendo asi,perdiendo gran energia en el tiempo de compresion,,,espero puedan probar o ya lo hayan hecho de esta manera...igual felicitaciones por el trabajoo...y saludos desde la Rioja ,Argentina...
  • Manna Barbhuiya
    If this is the final year project of B. Tech students, we knw why India failing to stand in the international platform.
  • Gulab Mandhare
    plz give me your ideas .......... make me eco freindly vehicle ..... plz give me black book in pdf ......
  • rikkert
    dumpest thing ever seen in my life
  • Muthu Raj
    nice job bro ......
  • Germaine Lewis
    it is very nice that they are trying to do something different cleaner.
  • praveen singh
    kuch bhi mat banaya karo,tank me compressed air bharane me fuel lagega aur vo bht jyada hoga
  • Ugur Kurt
    Very good project but you must add differential to reduce power consumption while turning...
  • Anas Ansari
    offline to save karne do paje tabhi to koi or aese kutch samjeh ga
  • K. S. d A.
    I hope it is not last year university project, may be School project. And non University level if you say "it´s msg to the automobile industries"
    Jua Jua jaja. you kidding me!
  • Vishal Kardiguddi
    bro can u tell me plz the information about how this project is built or is this information is there in Google
    mech projects
  • عصام العواضي
    This is nonsense, especially for air engines operate simple pressure of up to about 3 bar
  • سيف العمري
    I'm a mechanical engineering student from Saudi Arabia. And would like to ask you a few question. So give me your E-mail or your number. Thank you
  • kusuma nny
    which is the music behind this video
  • HK_Boreas
    I would say nice project. but if you just explain, that would be good instead of crappy music.
  • Saddam Khan
  • David Rose
    When compressed air expands to produce energy it also cools making it less efficient. You would need something to keep the air at a constant temperature.
  • Deepak kumar
    Sir I want to talk on this project please give me your contact no
  • Sunny Singh
    stolen my project
  • Sarah Hess
    My two spiked doors are finally built and falling walls and the floor produces enough charge to fry burgers. My rat trap project for my home and working on improving the windows, right now its has a falling blade wall with sensors capable of chopping off heads and hands and locks into place. Already tested it on a few live animals and currently improving on my alarm systems and camera and even had a recharging drone plat form installed on the roof and the place i put my sound enhancer and planning on installing wall cover to shoot from that raises and lowers and been considered additions to my roof project. My house already talks to me and don't think i will be able to get away with a remote controlled machine guns on the roof or armed drones and my house is partly built proof and if i have time to get to my special room in case of a murder attempts . You would need some explosives to get to me and i want one of those small drone that can fly humans on my roof when people improve them and its also has a bed and all kinds of guns and i have been considering buying a extra bullet proof vest to go with my full high tech armor and the people working on the project still have not made it bulletproof. Lazy men.
  • Abhishek Sankpal
    Bhai detail dediyo ...
  • Brian Hodgson
  • Brian Hodgson
    the music throws me off hard
  • shanker Patel ji
    hi mitra ki hall hi yaar mane v banani bhai amazing work i am also working on this project need some guidance can u plz give m your contact no my n-07509616714 whatsaap no hi bhai
  • bill
    I will stay with gas
  • Deenulhassan Muhajir
    well want tu use this stupid car at will die stupid..such a morron
  • Mintu Singh
  • Manoj G
    I can interest in this project so please share project report it is helpful to our final year project so please share me
  • Dhananjai Sharma
    good job bro,how long it can travel & energy required in filling air?
  • chandan yadav yadav
    rama SANKAR yadav 48365
  • venkata sateesh konathala
    can you provide your mobile number !
  • Jasvinder Singh
    I liked
  • Sikandar Sharma
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  • Upsonian/ Mechanian
    modefication alert ! ;P as its air driven engine so fins are not required ! xD ;P
  • Shameer Basha
    I want you mobile number