How a hydraulic jack works

How a hydraulic jack works
The hydraulic jack is a very useful device for lifting even heavy cars or other loads with the least effort. It is an amplified version of the lever. Here I explain with animations how it works inside.

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    This explanation is half a bubble off. The only lever effect is to push the small piston down by leveraging against the mechanical link above C. The lever provides a "mechanical" advantage of about four between your hand and the small piston only.
    Now, the surface area of the large piston is about thirty times larger than that of the small piston. This where "hydraulic" advantage is obtained. So, the total advantage is 30 x 4, or 120. Lifting a 2,000 pound car requires 17 pounds. If a bottle jack was just a mechanical lever, no fluid would be needed.
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  • Aneri Panchal
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  • Aneri Panchal
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