Saints Row: Gat out of Hell - All Endings & Alternative Endings [HD]

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell - All Endings & Alternative Endings [HD]
Saints Row: Gat out of Hell - All Endings & Alternative Endings [HD]
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Game Information:
Saints Row: Gat out of Hell is a 2015 open world action-adventure video game developed by Volition and High Voltage Software and published by Deep Silver. It will be released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. The game is a standalone expansion to Saints Row IV, meaning players do not need a copy of Saints Row IV to play Gat out of Hell.

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  • shadowbon //watching vids
    is 3:05 the start of Agents Of Mayhem?
  • A Samurai Brother
    I did the reshape world ending and wanted to see what other one were like
  • Saint Skinny
  • ThePerrperr
    they seem all pretty good except the last one. I chose the king of hell ending, but I think the new home ending is my favorite.
  • MixedBoyUS
    Johnny as a cop was definitely the most funniest of the 5 šŸ˜‚
  • Ezequiel Morales
    So, the cop ending is canon because of Agents of Mayhem?
  • Shadow Nightmare
    Actually the ending where gat asks god to reshaped the world is the canon ending because thats where agents of mayhem takes place
    Agents of Mayhem is in the same universe as saints row and even one of the developers said it
  • Pal Estrella
    new planet earth or recreated planet earth ending?
  • TrojanPiece
    Apparently the best reaction to obtaining all the secrets of the universe is a big deep and long "Ohhhhhhhh." LOL
  • gamer_boy1340
    Saints row 5 the boss and every one takes over a planet

    That would be the best fucking game ever
  • Logan Ludwig
    I mean, wouldn't that be anyone's response to finding out all the secrets of the universe?
  • Sparkly Prince
    I love the ending where Johnny asks a bunch of questions to God and we don't get to hear any of them. The implications are hilarious in my mind.
  • Gas 50k
    I'm glad they made the God recreated earth ending as the cannon ending.
  • Brandon Grisanti
    With the recent uproar over Agents of Mayhem, I'm sure I'm not the only one who's thought that maybe Agents of Mayhem could TECHNICALLY be Saints Row 5 and here's how. The "reshape Earth and retcon Saints Row" ending has them become cops (obviously), Agents of Mayhem is about, put simply, cops. Plus Pierce is confirmed to be in it so it kinda makes sense. Either I could be talking out my ass, or Volition is the greatest and most clever video game developers in history
  • a Washington
    So, I'm guessing Gay as a cop ending is cannon, Since Persephone Brimstone is the leader of Agents of Mayhem?
  • Nate Moreno
    Saints row 5 will start with taking over another planet or all of saints as cops or something like let's go I'm hype
  • 3, it's a magic number.
    So is Gat the actual main character in the Saints Row series?
  • Cringe Lord
    Gat should of asked about half life 3
  • Cringe Lord
    be better if gat comes back with aisha
  • Jordan Prime
    Agents of MAYHEM!!!
  • Ray The Dragon King
    The Choice for "Find the Saints a new home world for what's left of humanity." Would be the perfect choice for Saints Row 5.
  • TheSmashMaster9000
  • Jayden Parlow
    I can't believe that Johnny becomes a cop along with mattmiller
  • Thomas Barry
    Does this mean that the bring earth back option is canon to agents of mayhem?
  • Swat Kidd
    I chose the ending where the saints find a new world/It's the more logical ending and plusĀ Gat getsĀ to stay with his friends/this endingĀ has to be the true ending.
  • Derrick McDaniel
    Now looking at this.. only 1 ending is the True ending the rest are alternate universes
  • 21131 91125
    Gat is a badass.

    "Do you miss your friends?"

    "Nah, I know they'll be down here in no time."

    Also, isn't the 'answers to all the questions in the universe' basically omniscience? He knows how to bring Aisha back to life, where the new planet is, how to meet his friends, among other shit.
  • johnathan mohler
    do you miss you're friends?
    johnny: nah i know they will be here soon
  • Evan Williams
    Surprised AC DC's Highway to HellĀ didn't getĀ in this game somewhere.
  • Juan Flores
    Never realized it only takes a hour and a half to finish this game lol
  • Michael Brown
    Name of the song that played when Gat was a cop
  • Takahashi Keisuke
    the real ending will be fine a earth like planet because without that ending, it will be no gat out of hell ending. this story book took place in a church and there's no church in space ship.
  • gangstacheese 21
    my favorite ending is a new world
  • Daniel Renwick
    And with the retcon comes Agents of Mayhem.
  • Spicy Lemons
    this may be the only time where I had trouble choosing an ending
  • HI ALL
  • Moby From BrainPop כוח
    Saints Row 5: gangbanging in hell
  • B0rn_Sinn3r
    they shouldve made Aisha more like her SR2 version. The short hair was better looking and besides Johnny is still older looking, so now its creepy seeing an what looks like an almost 30 year old dude with an early 20 something year old
  • Honorboundnoob
    Persephone brimstone-Agents of Mayhem (SR5)
  • Federico Aguirre
  • Revelator Eyes
    SR5 will probably be Johnny as an officer or detective
  • Guru Gaming
    The ending when god recreates earth is cannon because agents of mayhem is connected to that ending
  • Scary Terry
    The 2nd ending is the worst, my opinion.
  • FluffyTurdz
    Which endings did everyone choose? I just had to make Jonny the King of Hell! ;);)
  • Sprinkles XD
    I chose the king of hell ending

    Worth it
  • The Stupid Mario Bros
    at 3:58 Who is the person in the Interrogation Room?
  • Spitfire Gaming
    Lowkey cried when he got back with AishašŸ˜­
  • Eric Adrien
    I know they'll be down here in no time.... well that was dark
  • lastwolflord
    I would like to see the game where god remakes Earth and all the saints are cops.