Blackberry Q10/Z10/Q5 Hub trick (refreshing/reset the hub)

Blackberry Q10/Z10/Q5 Hub trick (refreshing/reset the hub)
How to refresh the blackberry q10 notification hub, quick tips and tricks of the q10. In this we swpied from the top right corner to the centre of the screen to refresh the blackberry hub
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tricks for the blackberry z10 tricks for the q10 tricks for the q5

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  • Innoxent Imtiaz Khan
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  • Heidi Harper
    I have a BB Classic and the preparing blackberry hub is stuck in a loop - for days now... the 5 swipe turned it off and when started the "Preparing bb hub" is still there... cant access settings or anything!! help!
  • Marie Delus
    Thank you; I've been going crazy for several hours trying to figure out what happened and how to get the "attachments; compose and search" options. This video helped me refresh and now I can see the options.
  • M. Wong
    How did u get a blue bar on top where ur battery n time is while ur in hub?
  • TShull
    Thanks! my Q should be landing today my first bb10 device!
    sometimes i cannot open my BBM by BB hub on my Q10, when i tab BBM messages on Hub, it just only blank, but if i open my whatapp, wechat,Fb,email it is okay, somebody please helpme
  • Marlon Nolram
  • truesky
    cool now i even like my q10 more
  • Chin Soon Tow's work and awesome...!!!!!! thanks buddy...!
  • steelsheen
    ohhhohohoho it works! :D
  • Evrenovic
    think is the torch.
  • AgentJucey
    well subscribe to me and follow on twitter you will get notifications from me! lol no one is alone! :)
  • jimmythetango
    i also have the same problem with zero notification. After a few reset I realize that im a truly forever alone...
  • AgentJucey
    tourch?:S come not sure what youre asking me.
  • getnee
    What about tourch please ! Thanks
  • G 420
    lol no problem dude
  • AgentJucey
    thanks for commenting both ian and evan! i didnt want to say it to him :) lol...thanks again Ian
  • G 420
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  • Evan7709
    How do u download music on the Blackberry Q10