Apple Maps vs. Google Maps Quick Comparison

Apple Maps vs. Google Maps Quick Comparison
Need to know where to go? Need to know which maps client to go with? Here's a quick thought about that. Refer to the full post for more context:


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  • •Limitless •
    I don't understand why apple maps still doesn't have biking information like google maps I apple maps is trash but better interface than google that's about the only thing it's good for lol
  • joewillgo
    I prefer Google Maps. Which is why I hate Apple Maps so very much and why I even hate Apple Car play with all of my guts. Because Google Maps doesn't work!!!! WTF APPLE?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!
  • Random-access Memory
    Google Maps is for real.
  • ChelseaYT
    Google maps once led me to a junk yard when I said I wanted to go to the mall...
  • Bad Hombre
    Im watching this video because i didnt know if google maps was on ios and that would be a deal breaker but now i know it is :) google maps all the way ,
  • Quion Cheers
    Google rules
  • Diana
    I like google maps way better
  • 7ICHA7D
    It heavily depends on your location. For my city, Yandex Maps work the best.
  • AKzebraMiner
    What about now? Lots have changed since then, I want a new comparison, not outdated stuff!
  • tallll70
    One thing Google Maps should freaking learn...I can't see hardly anything with light beige background and white roads. I don't get it...ADD background color options, i remember old Microsoft maps had this feature decades ago.
  • Panthers1521
    Yelp is such a waste of time. Zagat is where its at. I don't need reviews from retards who ate at olive garden.
    Just replaced apple maps with google maps on my iPhone
  • alcaponed16
    Apple Maps got my mom lost while trying to rescue me from a breakdown, so fuck it.
  • Stathis Flangofas
    is google maps on iphone exactly the same as in android ? does is support turn by turn navigation ?
  • Sayeddin M
    Waze is da best...
  • 1010Huey
  • Viraj Parihar
  • Usman Ayub
    Trust me guyz Apple Maps are useless I have had experience from both,Google Maps are far much better
  • Ryan Bliss
    Yeah, I like Apple maps more because of the buttery smooth animations and Siri integration and all that... I live in Missouri so I don't really need to worry about transit or anything like that.
  • Joey Zuraski
    Apple is slacking off on higher integration with Apple maps. Doesn't use waze data on their terms of service. So that's a lie. Half the roads where I am are closed for construction at any given time but doesn't reroute to avoid them. It tells me to drive through barriers. It's missing "be in the second lane" google maps has which is vital to avoid collisions. Areas like fork splits ain't mentioned in Apple maps. And they lack going outside of their metropolitan cities for improvements.
  • Latanya662
    I have an iPhone 6S, and I still prefer Google Maps.
  • Nicolas
    Sorry guys but Apple no hate please guys
    Google does it better.... always.
  • William Goldstein
    Google Maps every time!
  • Crash & Burn
    I don't understand why anyone would want to invest in apple
  • Eu Gen
    Yeah Google Maps is ways better... Aplle maps is only there because it has to be that the android devices dont have a monopol .... so it is with Siri ..... the Shitty S-Voice is only there because Apple has one too... but its not competitive to Siri
  • Omar Morales Luna
    Google is way too nice. They should make all google apps and products available only on Android. Let iOS users realize their high horse is really a Donkey.
  • Balázs Nagymihály
    "Apple Maps directs me to use Google Maps" - it tells us everything :D
  • Matt Dargis
    Apple maps is funny.
  • Michael Marsh
    Nice comparison
  • PKMflawless
    Whats the point of 3D view? It wont get me home
  • The Puerto Rican and Cuban Prince of New York
    Nothing compares to Google Maps.
  • Shad Kerr
    Google maps
  • venetsanos9
    HERE maps.offline access!
  • Hunter Rodrigez
    i use Here maps... made by nokia... i think 

    its like the only really useful and reliable navigation and map app i could find,that doesn't need an internet connection to work, works for walking, transit, biking and driving 

    i mean yeah you can also save maps in google but its fucking fiddly and the map seize is restricted... in "here" you just download entire countries
  • Ayush Pandey
    HERE Maps is what I use and used! I loved it on my Lumia and still love it on my Lumia ;)
  • AwesoMarron
    Apple Maps directing you to Google Maps... that was priceless XD
  • Ken Cheng
    earlier this year, I spent over 2 weeks in the city of Taichung, Taiwan, and the Google maps' transit information worked flawlessly.  Everything worked great, down to the bus number and even alternative routes.  Street view is super handy because it lets you see beforehand what the building is suppose to look like.   Locally here in Vancouver, I use street view when I need to plan a trip somewhere where I know free parking is super limited... so I'll look ahead of time and search for the free spots
  • Ichigo Uzumaki
    Nice comparison....lmao...when Apple Maps directs you to Google Maps to get to the place he wants to go...
  • You Tube
    Yandex Maps-Nav is best now...
  • bloozism
    who the fuck is this moron. stop making videos.
  • Rickbearcat
    I would use Google Maps.
  • Jerry Pallath
    what the heck is that spinning sun that was happening at the top of the HTC One at around 3:30?
  • Mind
    Would love to see a comparison between these two as well as bing maps and blackberry maps
  • David Munoz
    Google Maps is better. In other news, Water is Wet.
  • Carl Daniel
    Apple is such a joke to think it can go against Google Maps. Apple Maps is garbage, will never compare to Google Maps. Ever.
  • schoolboy
    I've Google map in my iPhone 6
  • GG Next
    And add Windows phone 8.1 Here maps and then we can talk about a comparsion
  • Tayan Lima
    and the winner is HERE maps offline 
    I always turn it on in airplane and I can see the location and velocity -