Harbor Freight Air/Over Hydraulic Bottle Jack Review Item 69593

Harbor Freight Air/Over Hydraulic Bottle Jack Review Item 69593
Harbor Freight Air/Over Hydraulic Bottle Jack Review Item 69593.

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  • jeremy whittler
    These are outstanding. I just put one in my press. I love it.
  • Cliff P
    I took the hand switch off and added a foot pedal. So much easer.
  • C Dee
    I bought one from Harbor Freight. It failed with the air hose after the first use.  The manual pump works fine. I cant seem to find a way to fix the air motor.
  • the eabster
    Termites? Lol
  • David Henry
    Reservoir seals blow out on the base around 12 tons. Don't waste your time. Gone through two of them already.
  • Magesh Kumar
    I am in Tamilnadu, India where should I buy this jack
  • aleon1018
    thanks for the review on the issue with the other jack with the fitting on top as I won't be buying that one now. :)
  • Martin Normand
    How's that jack holding up,   Hope those springs never break!!!!!
  • 13antoanto
    so , the only reason I am watching this video is because I was looking at the Catalog of HF and notice that a bottle jack 20 ton for air is over $100 and manual hydraulic is only $40 , and you said that the only difference is the speed ? is that right ? that's crazy.... thanks for your video, I like when people post about items it helps people know more before buying...
  • David Hollman
    Thanks for all the detail in this video.
  • Michael Sheppard
    I see some of these comments complaining about the lack of spare parts. At less than $100 (on sale, w/coupon), I wouldn't waste my time, money or energy to repair it- just buy another and perhaps the old one could be set aside for extra parts.
  • bogey19018
    If you disconnect the air hose will the jack stay in place?
  • Josh Hair
    where does a video show how to repair a 20 ton air jack
  • Robert Fernandez
    Love the sound from that motor.
  • Truth Is My Religion
    Thanks dude! I appreciate it
  • Truth Is My Religion
    Great video, how many gallons & PSI was your air compressor for this video?

    Thanks man
  • 109gnm
    Harbor Freight 69593 and 95553 are probably made by different vendors. They appear to be identical other than the location of the air hose fitting.
    EDIT: I have the # 95553 jack and the base is not perfectly flat. I used it to upgrade my old 20 ton press so it sits on a metal plate and there's no problem. If you use yours separately as shown in your video, a few seconds on a flat belt sander or a weld grinder will solve the problem.
    Very nice video, by the way!
  • Ricardo Rdz
    U can used to lift a house
  • kay ger
    Talking about safety... like, I'd lay my hand nearby those cheap china made springs while they are undergoing increasing tension... Not!  Snap.... ouch! Oh no, it ate my flesh and put a very painful knot on my wrist.
  • railbuggy
    I bought a motorcycle lift with the air over hydraulic feature & the air piston stuck in the cylinder.  After I reassembling it, the ram won't push back down.  It acts like a valve is stuck inside.  Of course Harbor Freight doesn't sell any replacement parts.  Chicom throw away junk.
  • Albaro San Martin
    Hi, I have a similar air Jack and I'm having  quite a big problem. Suddenly my jack stopped working, and won't lift any load when operating it with compressed air, but it still works manually with no flaws. I've looked for leaks in my system but there are none. Please help. Thanks
  • Justin Graff
    Mine lasted 3 months and crapped out.  Local jack repair guy said it's a throwaway jack, no parts available.
  • Christopher Lewer
    At abt 7:30, i see a plug, in the base, under the air motor. What is that for? Also, would it be possible to control the release/lowering of the Jack from remote, through a pneumatic hose?
  • grover rambo
    My HF 3x21 belt sander took care of the rockin problem! Good luck.
  • Megan Lohr
    I'm looking for a present for my dad and his floor jack recently broke. I was one of the long ones, would one of these be a good option as a replacement? Or is there a difference that I dont know of between the long jacks and the bottle jacks? 
  • baconsoda
    It's a great tool and, as you suggest, has many uses. I would be more inclined to using it to press out/in parts but I'm sure it wouldn't sit idle in the workshop. Thanks for your suggestion. Best Wishes, Brendan.
  • LRH
    I know a little late but I've seen some tube bending projects and maybe as a easy way to use in a tube bender project for roll cages? :D
  • ghostses
    I don't see why you couldn't make something up. HF sells a 10 ton manual splitter that's on sale for $99- item 67090. If you bought their 12 ton jack (69642) like the 20 ton in the video, it might save you a few bucks on the jack. 20 tons might be overkill for a splitter, but I don't really know. Good luck, G.
  • tomcat6680
    could you convert this to a log splitter?????????
  • ghostses
    Terry, I used a manual bottle jack long ago on another portion of my house. It worked, but gave me a workout. This time I used this jack with the air. It worked great and didn't break a sweat. The hardest part is getting it where you want it cause it's a bit heavy. If you have a crawl space you have to crawl in, I would suggest putting it in a plastic tote and drag it to where you want it. That would be the hardest part. For the jack itself, I say go for it- it works great! Good luck, G.
  • Terry Dosher
    Thanks for the review I have some leveling issues and would like to know how it works. Been putting it off because of the old jack I have....
  • ghostses
    Yeah, It's more of a convenience for my house project- then it will go on my press which I don't use that often. That's kind of how I justified buying it. I didn't really need it, but it will make my life easier. G.
  • baconsoda
    I would love one of those but I don't know what I'd use it for. I bet I'd find something.