Top 10 tips for using Google Maps

Top 10 tips for using Google Maps
Google Maps can do more than get you from Point A to Point B. Here are 10 of our favorite tips and tricks.




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  • Lalan Kumar
    Hello mam
    In my Google map,find your friends easier option is not can I activate this option.
    Please help me.
    Thank you
  • Ric Aldrich
    Dirty hot
  • Quenton Ball
    I disagree strongly with your first tip. I would never put my home address in my contacts or provide it to Google maps. If your phone is stolen, it gives thieves a direct path to your home. Think about it. Someone might note your Rolex watch or your high end Lamborghini then steal your iPhone to learn where to come get them.

    Instead, put a nearby public location, such as a store, restaurant, shopping center, etc. You will always be able to get home from that location and you will not give away information that should be protected.
  • K Ng
    It would be nice if My Favorite Places were sorted alphabetically.
  • James Kelly
    is this safe ? can this be hacked, just wondering how safe this is?
  • Suneet Kumar G. Chaudhary
    my mom tracks my current location in
  • Kitty Sum
    #11 Let google keep track of your everything
  • AsMa ZaInAb
    i a m a new driver and i got my license 1 year ago and after that i didnt have chance to drive car for 1 year then but thank god i got car now but the problem i am not fimilar with road so i use google maps when ever in go somewhere is it bad
  • RapidsVideo
    I have made an important change to a road designation but it seems that Google takes months to make the change while people are getting lost without cell service in the area. Losing business here GOOGLE.......people are getting LOST.
  • A. Jaśniowska
  • Sarah Van Riper
    I would like to have Google Maps route a shopping trip for me. First I saved all of the places I want to shop for the day in "Places I want to Go". It would be nice if Google could combine the store hours with the traffic and determine where I should go first and then when I hop in the car for the next store, Google would provide directions to the next store to make most efficient use of my time.
  • Gamified Life
    My favorite feature is when the arrow points exactly at the opposite direction of where I'm supposed to go. Very helpful.
  • Moshe Lichtenstein
    Do you need to have an UBER account using Maps?
  • Joe Patroni
    Eww Burgers and Bacon. Watch What the health and Cowspiracy on Netflix.
  • shillong tv
    Wow!!! Very interesting video, I put a big like and subscribed ,waiting for new upload
  • Jayson Stonne
    I don't know it the ADD STOP function is new but that option is in the 3-dot menu.
  • Danny Compton
    Needs a pause button. I don't want to add in a pit stop while driving for gas if I'm going to pull off. That way I can pull off.... pause it at the gas station and my phone does not bark directions when I walking around a convenient store.
  • Jignesh Maniya
    Why download option isn't shown
    I watch in my leisure time
  • Honorio Danganan Jr.
    The best feature Ive been using so far is the TRAFFIC feature. Its much better and MORE ACCURATE than WAZE.
  • abdullah gm
    u r so cute
  • Jessica D
    What happened to the "reverse route" tab that used to be on google maps???
  • Moshe Raichental
    ??how i can save root map offline
  • Redeemed52597
    Actually, a warning regarding point #1: Don't save your exact home or work address on your phone. If someone happens to run off with your keys and phone (probably what happens a lot on beaches) the thief not only has your phone, but also knows where the house (or the business) for the keys he has just stolen as well. I use an address near to where I work and live, but not the exact address.
  • newsveteran
    Find a better way to demo the maps app. Your screen shots are terrible and hard to read. Also tone yourself down a little and let's see less of you and more demos. Cut the "fry speak" also.
  • Roberto Morfes
    Zooming with one hand is the coolest one for me. Thanks for the tip!!!
  • Andy Plays
    thank you so much
  • Jeff Lowe
    Come on, who needs to navigate to their fave restaurants or home or friend's house. I want to be able to route myself on long road trips by adding several stops...Hotels, sites I'd like to visit. Can't do that in Google maps.
    I would like to make it in Japanese ♪
  • Cecilia Eckerson
    Guess I need a smart phone
  • rha600
    who the hell needs google maps to navigate to their favorite place?   If it's your favorite and you don't know how to get there, you're too old to be driving anyway.
  • john peace
    Good job can you update HAÏTI ON GOOGLE MAPS we are in 2017 and HAÏTI still looks like how it did in 2010 we can't see the progress HAÏTI
  • indiansouls
    Very useful tips mainly Tip # 9 Zoom one handed. My favorite is offline maps and used by me very often especially while driving in deep jungles of southern India. Concise & pleasant presentation by you. Thanks !
  • SLC2BC380
    also I wish Google maps had a speedometer in it
  • SLC2BC380
    I have tried to calibrate the blue dot with the figure 8 bs like 100 times I can't get it to work. I must be a tard. I am getting to the point I will pay to have it done. it flat out WILL NOT WORK!!
  • Cliff Carlo
    Never put your home address in my places when using google maps. Instead pick a place near your home like the local pub or shop. If a thief were to steel your phone he could use you phone to navigate straight to your house. He already knows that you are out.
  • Avraam Avraam
    חבל שאין בעברית
  • Furqan Ali Saghar
    3rd thing is not available in my map
  • Jrodri Rodriguez
    I use google maps a lot for work, but I will love if google add maps for trucking routs with restrictions. From a truck driver
  • Niven Sha
    Quick and educative tip 👍
  • Paul g
    Nice - thanks :)
  • TheProgrammerGuy
    Isn't that Cali Lewis?? Looks, sounds and acts just like her...
  • Henry Cabrera
    👍style and tips
  • Democracy Illusion
    boring top shit, she looks like 100 but acts like 12
  • Mahesh Abeyratne
    Great presentation and valuable tips. Loved ...!
  • Vic Voroshilov
    Ты просто лучшая! Красотка! Слушал открыв рот! Все на одном дыхании! Умничка! Спасибо за интересный рассказ!
  • garyjsimm
    My google maps works shitty on my iPhone recently. Hard to find where I am. Stops navigating and starts again. Won't recalculate. Sucks