mechanical engineering project Exhaust Air Jack videos

mechanical engineering project Exhaust Air Jack videos
mechanical engineering project low cost projects for students automobile for two wheeler  jack compressed pneumatic demo videos

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Pedal powered water pump. 2007.

Strathclyde Mechanical Engineering student project, 2007. To build a human-powered water pump that could be used to irrigate farm land. They used two cylinders, they should have gone for three which

The Mechanical Engineering Project

One of the many chalanges of today society is maintaing our life style with minimum repercussion to the environment. today 's world of increasing population and due to the same had become a great

X-Jack and X-Trax

The Bushranger X-Jack Exhaust Jack and X-Trax (sand tracks) are an ideal duo. Great for use in single vehicle recovery scenario's where you need that extra