How to setup BlackBerry Hub Widget on Android

How to setup BlackBerry Hub Widget on Android
With a new update to the BlackBerry suite of productivity apps on Android the BlackBerry Hub application has a brand new widget. This video will show you how to set up the Hub widget on the far left side to mimic the native setup on BlackBerry 10 for the Hub.

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  • E. H. Morrison
    I have Android Nougat on my Samsung S6 and I can't long press on the hub icon and resize it as shown in the video. It acts just like any app, tap it and it opens. It never shows that there is any message in the hub by showing a red star on the icon & it doesn't display any notifications on the lock screen.

    Might work great for some here but it doesn't work well on OS 7 for me.
  • Max Power
    Thanks for this tutorial. I'm loving this setup. I just left BB10 for Android and while this hub isn't as good, it's still pretty rad. I just really hope they continue to develop it. BlackBerry has a really bad history of abandoning projects.
  • MrSoberdober
    thx for explanation!
  • Anupam
    Great. Just going to try this on my Samsung. I'm missing hell lot my Z10 days. Hope to get back to BB with Keyone soon.
  • Aditya Baruri
    I am not getting any notifications in hub except email and sms. Can you please tell me why this is happening? I am using android lollipop.
  • Mark Edwards
    I got bb hub but don't get notification unread badge do I have to get bb launcher to get the unread badge
  • P. Banian
    Brilliant. This is close to the BB10 hub peak experience. Looking forward to Mercury next month.
  • Egypt@revolution
    how can I activate the gesture you made with the BB launcher icon???
  • Bruce Banner
    I loved that widget update also. the hub widget on the left for me shows. call logs, texts, whatsapp, facebook messenger and my primary email. also have a call log widget on the right of the home screen. just need a swipe up to recent apps gesture, decent browser and filemanager for android. the recent apps piling up on android/ios is pretty average.
  • Tasos Katsaros
    thanksss.....missed the old days of using my Z10 with hub
  • sdnalyam
    will this work on Moto E 2nd Gen phones
  • Nick Meng
    how do you activate that swipe icon when you pressed on the app drawer  icon. When I tried it, nothing happens.
  • Jay Jenkins
    Anybody know if this BB Hub app will make it over to Apple ios 10?
  • Jay Jenkins
    Was this demo done on a DTEK50 or another Android device?
  • DJ FiBa
    thx sooo much! exactly what I was wondering about for the last weeks. Now only the peek gesture of bb10 is still missing in android. Or do you have a workaround for that, too? :) peace
  • Michael Collatz
    Great Video ty
  • Billu Barber
    A must app for all android users who want a productivity messaging app. It has powerful features like unified messaging, rich text formatting, conversation mode support, customizations, secure Email support, unified calendar to name a few.
  • Nathanael Hanson
    Oh yeah, awesome vid lol
  • Mark Ng
    Well done. Will give this a try. Thanks
  • Nathanael Hanson
    I'd like to see the hub+ setup on a non-blackberry android device. I have a huawei and just can't seem to get the hub+ app to work correctly. I know it's not the most mainstream phone but I would like to get it working. Can you make a vid of that James?
  • sydjaguar
    I wish BB had skinned android to look like BB 10 including the peek into the hub.
  • Ahmad Hafiz Yahaya
    This is awesome!
  • Arel Virtusio
    Very useful. Thank you for the tip, James. Keep them coming.
  • mark fern
    Cool... Going to give this a try..
  • David Ross
    Very nice!
  • Rico4you
    Rocking on my PRIV with the HUB a la BB10OS! Sweet
  • Aaron Clark
    that's how I set mine up, it's like BlackBerry 10OS
  • Luca Di Giulio
    Finally, now more bb10 users can switch to bb Android os ;)
  • priv
    awesome like a bb10 now. just slider or left
  • priv
    awesome like a bb10 now. just slider or left