Saints Row Gat Out Of Hell Easter Eggs Collection HD

Saints Row Gat Out Of Hell Easter Eggs Collection HD
Compilation of Easter Eggs and secrets in Saints Row Gat Out Of Hell 

The list:
* Cabbits (they appear in every Saints Row game) located in the twin sisters' garage as well as in one of the caves surrounded with lava
* Saints Row The Third Zimos picture reference
* Starbucks reference
* Terminator reference
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Thank you for watching!

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  • freeway official
    1:19 it Polish
  • Bichy Ball
    I remember when I randomly came across the gun chair
  • Helios1009
    Kocham easter eggi :(
  • William
    What about the Furry bar? Or the Golden Showers, the weird pony looking drawing...?
  • Raj Reddy
  • Androbomb 21
    the first one is from sr2 but it was pink
    Why did I watch Mr. Clean get dirty before this?
  • Trickybad
    I think the Lava death thumbs up is in reference to DOOM. When the DOOM Guy dies in the fire pits of hell, he does the same thing.
  • Carson Conley
    666 means the Devil
  • Endless Void
    Genki appears after you killed 9 Arch Dukes, if I counted right
  • Oliver Berndt
  • FlashMobster
    I am on 921/940 soul clusters damm
  • Wisnu Wiradana
    It's not zimos picture references, that painting style is popularized by Andy Warhol
  • The Gaming Bay : Skeletor
    Johnny Gat... Best hardcore and badass deaths ever
  • Toaster -
    Toilet paper is evil :O
  • monsterpie kiler
    anybody wanna play coop mode saints row hat outta hell leave ur gamertag so we can play and u can also play with others
  • AiDeN FrIeDmAn-YeTtAw
    if u notice on kinzes death she dies flippin off whatch closeley
  • Smeech X
  • Aryan Haideri
    how do you get unlimited ammo in the game
  • Felipe Mirshawka
    and you forgot the Mario reference there is a door some where in the map that looks like the Mario s boss door and when gat get close to it he says "boss boss are you in there"
  • Felipe Mirshawka
    GENKI actually is a mascot of a Japanese food restaurant
  • Nick Malone
    I found a easter egg it's 8675309 from that one song this egg is at the any bus stop and there is a poster that say bus stop If you zoom on the info there is the 8675309 from that song.
  • SlothKingdom ™
    i feel like there is a toilet on top of a building on some gta game cuz this game is an obvious parody of gta games..
  • *** ***
    Anyone else watching this because it's free if u have ps plus?
  • roblox Savage
    i found a dead body half of it is cover in dirt soon as you start the game it is on that island cant say where it is cause on the map nothing is there just blank for the map
  • Igor Team :igor
  • BHARGames Reynolds
    ...The Building Easter Egg isn't Odd.After all Your supposed to be in Hell.
  • Almir Uka
    They should make the map bigger and why the fuck would they make this one even saints row the third was better than this!
  • ejser129
    Nie rozumiem Volition w 3 4 i GAOH części saints row musi być Genki
  • link1919 gaming
    Genki is in sr4
  • Ali Bazz
    Great video, I was going to upload the video about the toilet but I said no it may can be not an easter egg
  • TheFaceofPains
    When I saw the toilet I could only think of the scrubs episode