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Version 1.4.4 BETA just release! - EarlyBird

The app now provides notifications for watch "Topics", aka tags. We all feel this feature helps complete core function of this app to provide Breaking News!

What does everyone think? N users can experience the newly supported grouping of notifications too!

p.s. I'm the dev and care ;)


#1 steve, Aug 5, 2016
That's great, but there's been no fresh news topics for the past two days. ;)
#2 Fox Mulder, Aug 7, 2016
@Rob 's fault. Everyone should email him personally.
#3 steve, Aug 7, 2016
Well I'll hold off on that. ;)
However, I just noticed that selecting a topic that has comments and attempting to scroll down to where the comments are will cause the app to crash and drop back to the opening screen/topics list. Doesn't happen on topics with zero comments.
#4 Fox Mulder, Aug 7, 2016
Odd. I'll check into the crashes reported in the AM. Doesn't crash on my current device so will look into it.

Thanks for the heads up!
#5 steve, Aug 7, 2016
Also crashing whenever I tap on "Read More" after opening a topic. On the latest version as of this morning, may try going back a couple of versions later.
#6 Fox Mulder, Aug 9, 2016
Does the crash for read more happen on every article or just one in particular?

You could try to hold click on the read more which will open in an external browser rather than Chrome tabs. May be a solution until I get those bugs figured out.

#7 steve, Aug 9, 2016
Looks like every one.
Rolled back to 1.2.8 for now.
Also not seeing much use for the Topics tab vs. Recents.
And it seemed that Notifications kept turning back on after I turned them off.
#8 Fox Mulder, Aug 9, 2016
1. When opening the app from a notification
a) the vote buttons don't work.
b) I hope back button leads back to the main page instead of closing it.
2. When opening the main app, the news I've already read are still in "breaking news" stack, but it probably makes sense because I hadn't been able to vote on them.
3. I agree that "liked news" is not a frequently accessed feature so it may have better place to go other than a tab.
#9 WQing, Aug 9, 2016
Just ran across this app. I like it. Covers allot of different topics than the leading five Androids do. You guys also don't rehash what they already contribute.

Code Viewer needs to be a short topic article to boost awareness of its usefulness.
#10 czarofjunk, Nov 14, 2017
Glad you found the app! We have been making some good improvements that will soon be in a new release. Could you elaborate what you mean above? I am just not fully understanding. I could just need more coffee :)
#11 steve, Nov 14, 2017
Since this has been bumped, I'll mention an issue I've been having. When I x out of an article the app will usually FC, but if I use the back arrow it behaves and goes back to the list.
Not a dealbreaker but annoying.
#12 Fox Mulder, Nov 14, 2017
Which app...just to confirm. :)
#13 steve, Nov 14, 2017