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Network problem

What sort of network problem? Mobile network or WiFi? Can't connect or dropped connections? We'll need specific information in order to help you.
#2 lunatic59, Nov 14, 2017
I am having jio net problem while my friends using same provider but still being able to surfe videos...even if we are at the same there anyghjng wrong with my handset.
My phone is able to catch network only when there is strong signal but it losses as we go away...but that does not happen with my friends...who are using same jio sim.
#3 Rajansubba, Nov 14, 2017
First thing I'd check would be your APN (access point name) settings. Go to settings>mobile networks>access point names and confirm with JIO that they are correct for your account.
#4 lunatic59, Nov 14, 2017
Don't forget if you haven't restarted your J7 in a while try that, a restart will reset everything (background processes) and clear up a possible, random glitch that might be part of the problem. Also try re-seating your SIM card to make sure it's firmly in place inside its slot.
#5 svim, Nov 14, 2017