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Memory Card not Showing all Image in gallery but showing in File Manager

Hello Members,

Sorry it I posted this thread on wrong place.

I have a problem which I'm facing since couple of days! I'm using Lenovo K4 Note & recently I update my Android Lollipop to Marshmallow but after installing marshmallow I have problem in image gallery.

There are huge image folders in my memory card but all images are not showing in gallery & when I to go source file (file manager) I see all images. I have attached screenshot too to better understand & highlighted folder with red color mark.



I tried to fix this issue like I format my memory card but still problem is same. I want solution of my this problem


#1 Vivek Baghel, Nov 14, 2017
I wouldn't suggest formatting the SD card cuz that would delete everything in it...

See if restarting your phone helps.
If it doesn't, then go into your files manger and in settings select 'show hidden folders' then search your file manager for .nomedia if it comes up and it's in one of those picture folders, make sure to delete it, and restart your phone.
#2 A bochur, Nov 14, 2017
Check that all files in the Model folder are in formats that the Gallery app can actually recognize and display as images. Which should be PNG, JPG, GIF and BMP, I believe.
#3 mikedt, Nov 14, 2017
All images in model folders are in JPG format & all these same images were showing before lollipop to marshmallow update but after update I'm facing this issue & not only in model folder, This issue is also on another folders but I just share models folder for example.
#4 Vivek Baghel, Nov 14, 2017
Perhaps the Gallery image database got messed-up or confused during or after the update? Try clearing the Gallery app data and cache from settings, so it will be forced to scan and re-index all the images.
#5 mikedt, Nov 14, 2017
I taken backup of my SD card than I formatted it, Well I went files manger and in settings but didn't find hidden folders,

[​IMG] [​IMG]


You can see screenshots but yes I search .nomedia & found many files & deleted than restart my phone but problem is still same :(
#6 Vivek Baghel, Nov 14, 2017
it depend on your default file manager on your mobile and which file extension it support. external file manager may support more file extension.
there is no issue with your sd card it is issue of explorer you are using.
#7 peter shahma, Nov 14, 2017
If it not showing images in gallery, restore your mobile..
#8 wenso martin, Nov 14, 2017
Install a different file manager and see if that helps
#9 Dannydet, Nov 14, 2017

So now what should I do now ?
#10 Vivek Baghel, Nov 14, 2017

Do you think Mobile restore is solutions ?
#11 Vivek Baghel, Nov 14, 2017
Install a different file manager from the play store
#12 Dannydet, Nov 14, 2017
Which file manager is good & which one I should download... ?

can you tell
#13 Vivek Baghel, Nov 14, 2017
Solid explorer, file manager by Asus, total Commander
#14 Dannydet, Nov 14, 2017

Download this App from play store but didn't work :(
#15 Vivek Baghel, Nov 14, 2017
Just restore my phone but problem is still same :(
#16 Vivek Baghel, Nov 14, 2017
If the file manager is showing the pictures, but the gallery is not, the the problem is with the gallery. So my suggestion is to download a gallery app. Try quick pic from the play store.
If that doesn't help, try an app that scans for media in your sd card and let's your gallery know if any files.

Here's an app that does that. I never used it, so i can't comment on it's performance.
#17 A bochur, Nov 14, 2017 Last edited: Nov 14, 2017

Sorry to say again but I have used this app & scans all media in my SD Card but nothing is usefull... Issue is same.

Do you think I should move with previous Android marshmallow to lollipop ? Will it fix my problem ?
#18 Vivek Baghel, Nov 15, 2017
Even though the issue started in marshmallow, i don't think there is any issue with it. I've been on marshmallow for over a year now with no issue. So i can't say if moving back will help.

Did you try a different gallery app? Quick pic is one option but you can try others.
#19 A bochur, Nov 15, 2017

Hello my dear...

Yes I tried "Quick pic" yesterday but issue was same but today Again I tried "Quick pic" and now all images are showing in "Quick pic" ;) I'm Happy now...

But still have a confuse... What's Quick pic has that this app showing all image but default Gallery app or another gallery apps are not showing all image ?
#20 Vivek Baghel, Nov 15, 2017
I would say, now that quick pic shows all pictures, you should clear data of your default gallery app and they should reappear.

There is nothing special about quick pic, that was just my suggestion for a different gallery app, cuz something seemed wrong with the one you had
#21 A bochur, Nov 15, 2017
Okay @A bochur got it...

But now my problem is solve & how it solved I tel you Guys.

I copy my all SD Card data to computer and than I format my SD Card in phone and than Copy all Data in SD Card.

Problem was solve :) and now all images and showing in Gallery !

So if again any one face this same issue so don't worry just copy your SD Card and format SD Card in phone. All Data images will show in Gallery.
#22 Vivek Baghel, Nov 20, 2017 at 12:24 AM