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Making the jump to G5+ Any recommendations?

About to make the jump from my beloved old Motorola moto x pure, to the G5+ based on posts and recommendations I received here, courtesy of the great folks on android forums.
1: I saw somewhere the 4GB RAM model offered for $229, but some of the dealers looked a bit, shall we say, "Less than legit?" I don't want to get a knockoff. What is the best place and price to get this phone?

2: A family member will also be getting this phone to replace her recently stolen Galaxy S8 and I am wondering, since I have never had a phone stolen, if she is on sprint, how would she get her number ported to her new G5+ without physically having the old phone to port it over from?

Thanks a million, you guys have been immensely helpful.


#1 Papamalo, Nov 11, 2017 Last edited: Nov 11, 2017
I can't help with the first question but I've had a phone stolen before and I just rung my carrier and they sent me a new SIM which they'd already transferred my number to.
#2 Shotgun84, Nov 11, 2017
Thanks! that will make it easy for me to help her get up and running again.
#3 Papamalo, Nov 11, 2017
No problem :)
#4 Shotgun84, Nov 11, 2017
One more question: People here are referring to the Motorola G5+ as G5+ or G 5 Plus, but the literal way it is referred to online on amazon and other points of sale, is "Moto G Plus (5th Generation)"
It may seem redundant for me to ask, but with all the tricky names and revisions, is this the correct phone?
Here is wat I am looking at:
#5 Papamalo, Nov 11, 2017
Yikes! Just realized that moto voice is not on this phone, and I cannot trigger search and other critical functions, using a custom phrase.
I know you can say "OK Google" but I really liked the way moto voice worked.
#6 Papamalo, Nov 11, 2017
Moto Voice is dying... Google doesn't like competition. :)
#7 acejavelin, Nov 12, 2017
Yes, that's the Moto G5+ your looking for. Some stores say Moto G+ (5th) others say Moto G5+ but it's the same phone. :)
#8 kate, Nov 12, 2017
Got it. thanks!
As it turns out I can install something called openmic and customize my search phrase.
Thanks again.
#9 Papamalo, Nov 12, 2017
I think Best Buy has a sale. is good too.
#10 morgankslade, Nov 13, 2017
#11 morgankslade, Nov 13, 2017
Wow. that is Sooo shady of them to just have a "purchase" button with the only information and option being 32 Vs. 64 GB storage.

It doesn't even tell you if your RAM is 3GB or 4GB and no other details. Just shut up and buy.

Funny, I am loosing more and more respect for the brand as time goes by.
#12 Papamalo, Nov 13, 2017
Umm... No Moto G5+ models in the US have 3GB of RAM.

Scroll down and click "Full Specifications" for more information... Although it is still confusing as under memory (RAM) it says 2 GB/4 GB and under storage (ROM) it says 32 GB/64 GB internal, up to 128 GB microSD Card support. I guess they are leaving it up to the user to know the 32GB version has 2GB of RAM and the 64GB version as 4GB of RAM.
#13 acejavelin, Nov 14, 2017
I just got a G5+ with 64/4 MB for $224 from Ting. I don't think that price is still there though. Shop around; there are other legit sales at that level. I love the phone BTW.
#14 Rickboi, Nov 17, 2017
I'm just concerned that the last security update was January...or maybe that's just my build?
#15 MoreThanThis, Nov 23, 2017 at 10:10 PM