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General I am not a racist

I just wanted to make this thread as it's very important to me about the way I am understood or seen. I am actually a very loving person that has a very loving and caring heart.

But it's difficult for someone to be loving and caring towards people that are not loving and caring towards you. It is hard to be lovng when you are being oppressed.

I don't hate black people.

I don't hate anybody really at the end of the day because God wants us to love each other as much as possible or try as hard as we can.

In fact I really wish everyone would love everyone at the end of the hard working day. I am an extremely loving person sometimes a bit too loving that people take advantage.

I shouldn't have to want to delete my entire profile just because I think people think that I am a racist. Sometimes it's a bit of a silly thing that when I get like that :)

Hopefully you guys understand but I really think you do which shows me how awesome this community really is and how deep and impressive it is :)

Hopefully you also don't get annoyed with me and all my crazy rants of jumping up and down about stupid south africa hehehe :D

I don't blame you if I annoy you from time to time and irritate you but I really appreciate all the wonderful and not so wonderful replies both are very welcome :)

Bu maybe I should stop bitching for once :D



#1 Stinky Stinky, Nov 15, 2017
Sure you are racist. You seem to favor the Blattodea family over the Formicidae
#2 zuben el genub, Nov 15, 2017
#CockroachLivesMatter :p
#3 Unforgiven, Nov 15, 2017 Last edited: Nov 15, 2017
hehehe lol you guys always come through :D

lol I love you guys!! xD

what would I do without you guys? :D

hnmnm but why was I not able to see my thread had some replies? :/
dang I think this notification system is glitchy hey but maybe that's just me

anybody else had issues with the notification system not working at all?

just wondering here if its just me :)
#4 Stinky Stinky, Nov 16, 2017
Yep, every once in a while it goes wonky. :(
#5 Unforgiven, Nov 16, 2017
#6 LV426, Nov 16, 2017
Being "White" from South Africa doesn't make you a racist. Never believe that Stinky Stinky.
#7 dontpanicbobby, Nov 16, 2017
Silence in the face of injustice would be much worse.

It's everywhere, @Stinky Stinky. This was just in out morning paper:


I tend to agree with Leopold von Ranke on many points.
#8 lunatic59, Nov 16, 2017
Thanks guys for the very intelligent and impressive responses from such an amazing community!

I always appreciate your incredible and sympathetic responses :)

Sorry for the la reply my laptop had issues so it has been sent in for repairs. Going to be typing this from my phone again sorry lol :)

Well I am really glad you guys don't think I am a racist! :D

Sometimes the world can be filled with very strange people that will criticise you at the drop of a hat.

It's the injustice of what this horrible country has turned into.

The ANC (black government) always condemns the white people of SA and says everything is our fault and we must pay for "our" crimes.

I hate it. I just can't stand this place sometimes I just want to get away to a more loving and peaceful country and take my knowledge, degrees and skills elsewhere to the much more deserving place that will appreciate me and not hate me.

It is also the disturbing crime rate it is absolutely bat shit insane the amount of murders and deaths!

I have even gone to job interviews in the past and wa to straight to my face that I am the wrong colour!?

I was beyond disgusted and realise south Africa is not a free and loving country AT ALL.

I want to maybe immigrate to New Zealand a much nicer and quieter country that will be far more peaceful and together.

I can't even turn on my radio in my car anymore - I just hear apartheid this and apartheid that and it makes me want to start swearing!

I am sick and tired of living in in country that REFUSES to get over its past and never looking towards the future.

The tax rate is also disgusting! I am in what is called a "super tax" bracket I pay about 41 PERCENT of m total earnings and I get NOTHING BACK from it!!!!!

All the thanks I get is turning on the radio and told how I must pay for the mistakes of apartheid and it all just makes me SICK.

I am sick and tired of this racist evil shit hole.


I don't want my children growing up being told they must pay for this and that and not being able to find work because they want blacks only

I am glad you guys don't think I am bitching hehe :D

Got to let it out sometimes!
#9 Stinky Stinky, Nov 17, 2017
Come to the UK. Always room for talented individuals here.
#10 LV426, Nov 17, 2017
Sounds like a great idea!! :D

Thanks LV426 buddy :)

But what is the tax rate like over there? Is it ridiculously high like 40%?
#11 Stinky Stinky, Nov 17, 2017
If you think that's bad, don't go to Ireland, their tax rates are even higher!
#12 LV426, Nov 17, 2017
Wow that's heavy :(
#13 Stinky Stinky, Nov 17, 2017
And you don't have to be super rich to fall into the 50% tax bracket.
#14 LV426, Nov 17, 2017
You and your family would probably do well in the USA stinky stinky. Regardless of press coverage it's not nearly as murdery as the world thinks. The taxes sound about the same though if you're making really good money but a good accountant can fix that. There's a reason Trump won't release his records. ;)
#15 dontpanicbobby, Nov 17, 2017
out of the blue.. you say this? proclaim this?
then i have to wonder... maybe you are a little.
something has made YOU analyze yourself. dig deeper.. dont deny.
then work on it to be better.

I know i am .. a little.
we all have some kind of biases. it is human nature.
i know i like asain foods more than others.. because that is what i grew up with.

the important thing is.. to threat everyone the same .. with respect.
till that PERSON looses that respect.
#16 dan330, Nov 17, 2017
Let me ask this hypothetically ... Would you react differently when you see a shark in the water as opposed to a tuna? Even though you've never actually been harmed by a shark and statistics show it's highly unlikely that you ever will, does that make one prejudiced toward sharks?

Of course it does, but that is because you've been told that sharks are dangerous, without feeling, and all they want to do is eat you. That's human nature.

Now substitute race, religion, economic status, place of birth etc. for "sharks" ... see where I'm going?
#17 lunatic59, Nov 17, 2017
For sushi???
#18 Unforgiven, Nov 17, 2017
You're gonna need a bigger boat. :p
#19 lunatic59, Nov 17, 2017
Not appicable luna... Stinky's lifes not like that from what he's shared with us. This is getting deep!

What say you Stinky Stinky?
#20 dontpanicbobby, Nov 17, 2017
Yes I am definitely not a racist! :D

When I wa wa lot younger and back in school we had a Zulu house maid (very common as many upper / middle class families had) and because my family trusted her so Much my parents would leave her in charge of the house when we would go to Zimbabwe or Mozambique for holiday!

They literally left a house worth approximately several hundreds of thousands of dollars of dollars (about maybe 500 000 usd in your currency) because the had been such a great trust between us.

My father liked he work ethic so much he paid for her sons tuition fees to become a mechanical engineer at eskom.

But they are not a stereotypical black family here they have a different mind set.

Sipho (the son of Margaret our very very trusted house maid who I now want to employ) is now one one the head engineers at Eskom and we bumped into each other the one day while we were working on the one project together! :-D

So you see we are not racist people.

In fact I actually feel for the people that were abused under apartheid but wanting to kill all the whites will just make everything worse...

There is also a "black" guy at work that I LOVE! He is is BEST (LITERRALY) because his work is absolutely PERFECT!!

He gets zero fails on all of his craftsmanship he is like a machine!!

When I get my own company I am going to snatch him up big time!

He's on my hit list :D

My company that I want to make some day will jump right ahead with such flawless work everything will be in even sooner!


I know I am not a racist... I don't hate any body... only those who hate me :)

It's also the violence and hatred I see on the news it's just makes me sick but even then I understand it in a way.

But sometimes I wonder if people think I am and it hurts but I mustn't take it to heart like water on a ducks back! :D

(I am actually very sensitive and loving :D)
#21 Stinky Stinky, Nov 17, 2017
I was going to try and find a video which explained my expression there. Realised I can't remember how I upload a YouTube vib. Just search Bill and Ted woah.

That was deep. I liked it :thinking:
#22 Shotgun84, Nov 17, 2017
Since there is only ONE race of people on this planet, the human one, and I hate them all, you can say I am a racist, in the truest sense of the word. [​IMG]
#23 no one, Nov 18, 2017 at 12:20 PM

Unfortunately most people that say that they are not a racist probably have some type of bigot issue within them and want to prove the others that it doesn't exist.
A) If you have a problem with person of color that sits next to you and you start to feel some discomfort because of the closeness, you're probably racist.

B) If you have issues with people of color serving your food at restaurants or we're ever, you're probably racist.

C) If you have issues about shaking hands or touching a person of color in a greeting or thankful manner, you're probably racist.

D) If you have issues with your kids playing or communicating with people of color, you may be a racist.

E) If none of the above apply to you, you may be germophobic or have sociopathic issues.
#24 Phalon4, Nov 18, 2017 at 12:22 PM Last edited: Nov 18, 2017 at 12:36 PM
Well none of those apply to me, and I'm not a sociopath.
Live and let live is my motto. And the bigoted attitudes of so called tolerant religious types are of more concern to me.
#25 LV426, Nov 18, 2017 at 12:27 PM