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How To Delete Blank Home Pages

I have an Honor 6X and need help deleting unwanted blank home pages. I have 4 pages with different apps on them, however, there are 2 blank pages which I want to remove and get off my home screens.


#1 Bill Miller, Nov 13, 2017
Usually long pressing on the screen will allow you to drag it to the remove icon on the top of the screen
#2 A bochur, Nov 13, 2017
I can do the long press on the screen, but there is NO trash or Delete Icon on the top of the screen, only an icon which looks like “home”.
#3 Bill Miller, Nov 14, 2017
Try pinching two fingers together on a home screen. You should get options to add or remove home screens.
#4 tommo47, Nov 14, 2017
I have tried your suggestion of pinching two fingers together on a home screen and get the same results as all other suggestions. At the top of the screen is “Drag empty area to move the page position”. No delete or trash icon.
#5 Bill Miller, Nov 14, 2017
After the two finger pinch do you get a thumbnail view of your home pages as described in the link I attached?

If you do have you tried longpressing an empty page?

At that point on my HTC M9, 'Remove' appears at top right of the screen and the empty page can be dragged and dropped onto it.

Could you post a screenshot of what you see after the 'pinch'?
#6 tommo47, Nov 14, 2017 Last edited: Nov 14, 2017
#7 Bill Miller, Nov 14, 2017
I have tried the “Long Press” or the “Two Finger Pinch” methods do not work. Neither of them display or show a Trash Can Icon or Delete Icon in order to remove or delete all these blank pages.
#8 Bill Miller, Nov 14, 2017
A few thoughts :-

How long have you had the device.

Any recent OS updates.

I assume this the first time you've tried to remove home pages.

Something you could try is a 'wipe cache partition'. It's a procedure that I have carried out on my HTC M7 and M9 over the last 4 to 5 years whenever I get weird glitches and has been very successful. It doesn't affect data or settings.

I have got into the habit of doing it fairly regularly just to keep things running clean. It takes a couple of minutes to do.
#9 tommo47, Nov 14, 2017
Did you download any launchers or are you using the original one?
#10 A bochur, Nov 14, 2017