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FULL SCREEN icon on YouTube disappeared

Any solution?

I tried uninstall/reinstall updates
I tried clearing cache
I tried restarts the phone
And it's still the same.



#1 riceballl97, Nov 14, 2017
I just bought note 8, everything is updated, but i dont have that icon at all :(
#2 JacoBee, Nov 15, 2017
Everything is fine for me until this Morning😅
#3 riceballl97, Nov 15, 2017
T-Mobile variant. I still have the icon on the screen. Just checked with a random video.

You should still be able to pinch to zoom on the screen,. Try it.

It will help others if you cats list your carrier, if you have the dual sim version , and if you are rooted ot not.

Just helps to keep all point he same page...
#4 marctronixx, Nov 15, 2017
Mine is international version, dual sim and mine is not rooted as well.
#5 riceballl97, Nov 15, 2017

Is that an Asia, PRC or EU variant dual-SIM Note8? Also are you using the YouTube app or a browser, which one?
#6 mikedt, Nov 15, 2017
It's the Asia variant Dual Sim Note 8 and I'm using the YouTube app

Thank you guys,the problem have been solved and the cause of the icon was disappeared is because of YouTube has replaced the 'FULL SCREEN ICON' with a 'pinch to zoom for FULLSCREEN' gesture.
#7 riceballl97, Nov 16, 2017
;) As I mentioned earlier pinch to zoom also works...
#8 marctronixx, Nov 16, 2017
Not until recent update 😂
#9 riceballl97, Nov 21, 2017 at 8:16 AM
Yes before the update you had the icon. After the update you can pinch to zoom. :)

I just received an ota update a few days ago and just checked the app (haven’t used it since update ) and although the icon is gone, the app immediately told me “pinch to zoom”. :)

Be i had the ability to do both pre update: meaning I could pinch and zoom and hand the icon...
#10 marctronixx, Nov 21, 2017 at 8:57 AM