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Delivery reports have ceased

Hi, experts. Since installing a system update on my Samsung Galaxy s7, 10th November (2017), my message delivery reports have ceased. Yet, in the settings, this option is turned on.
Can someone tell me how to restore them?
With thanks in advance,


#1 smasheroO16, Nov 14, 2017
You've tried turning them off and on again? Clear cache for the message app?

What about using a different message app? If that works then the problem is in the built-in app.
#2 Hadron, Nov 14, 2017

my message delivery reports have ceased. Yet, in the settings, this option is turned on.

Your message is not clear on what you're trying to do?
#3 Phalon4, Nov 14, 2017
Message delivery reports are received from your carrier network. So probably worth checking with your carrier about it.
#4 mikedt, Nov 14, 2017
Thanks for that, friend. I didn't know that there were other messaging apps!
#5 smasheroO16, Nov 14, 2017
Yes, but until I installed the update, they were coming through, so I don't think it will be the fault of the carrier. Thanks for your thoughts about it, though.
#6 smasheroO16, Nov 14, 2017
If by message delivery reports, you mean that you get a notification as soon as the recipient received the message, then that definitely has to do with your carrier. Because the carrier has to let your phone know that the message was delivered.

Now, are you sending the messages to people with the same carrier as you? Because i believe, if you have Tmobile and the recipient has Verizon, i don't think you'll get delivery receipt.

I'm not denying that there might be a different reason, just letting you know of a few things you might want to double check on
#7 A bochur, Nov 14, 2017
There is no difference in the situation since last week. These are family recipients, and there always have been delivery reports before, whoever their provider may be. I may send a message to the carrier, just to be sure though. Thanks.
#8 smasheroO16, Nov 15, 2017