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DCIM v. Screenshots

DCIM (Digital Camera IMages)is where most stock cameras will place the photo files. Since screenshots aren't taken with the camera, they go to another folder by default.
#2 lunatic59, Nov 13, 2017
If it isn't the camera, what takes the screenshots? Also, is there another, more convenient way to take a screenshot? This Z815 uses power plus volume down, but I guess Samsung is even worse.
#3 Rgarner, Nov 13, 2017
There are two camera on the phone, front and back. Those are not the ones that take the screenshots. The phone has a built in function which captures what's on the screen.
#4 A bochur, Nov 13, 2017
Power/Volume down combination is quite common and I find it not easy to do on my HTC M9. Fortunately there are two other methods on the M9, Power/Home combination which is slightly easier to do and there is a 'Screenshot' button on the 'Quick menu' which is very easy to do.

A Google search suggests you have only the Power/Volume down option. If that is the case there are a number of screenshot apps in Playstore that you could try.
#5 tommo47, Nov 14, 2017
I used to use an app called Screenshot Ultimate. It gave you a little camera overlay that when you tapped on it took a screenshot. It hasn't been updated in 3 years now though.
#6 dontpanicbobby, Nov 14, 2017
Are there any that would work with even a Z815? Are they sideloadable? I can't get anything from the playstore, just apks.
#7 Rgarner, Nov 14, 2017
I looked at the playstore and found dozens. One of the best seemed to be DU Recorder. Is there anyone here who knows about that? I might get it because it has an option to save to SD.
#8 Rgarner, Nov 14, 2017
I have not tried any screenshot apps because I've always been happy with the options available on my HTC devices so have no experience to share.

I guess a lot of them are free so you could try some, and even the paid for ones you would have plenty of time to get a refund if you weren't happy ;).

As far as saving to SD card is concerned if you have a file manager app you can create a 'Screenshot' folder on your SD card and move any that you want to keep from the default storage. I find that a quick and easy way.
#9 tommo47, Nov 14, 2017 Last edited: Nov 14, 2017
FYI anything "DU" is Baidu. Which very probably means it's phoning home your stuff to servers in Beijing, and then sold to advertisers.
#10 mikedt, Nov 14, 2017
You can also take a screenshot with Google Assistant. Say 'ok Google' take a screenshot'. So as long as you have ok Google detection on, it should work. Though I find pressing buttons for screenshots the easiest and fastest way.
#11 A bochur, Nov 14, 2017
If I denied permissions then it couldn't do most or all of that, right? I guess it's just another Cheetah Mobile. Do they cut off the Bai just to fool people?
#12 Rgarner, Nov 14, 2017
Maybe, but using just the "du" is part of their branding(in China as well), which will sometimes see with just the paw print logo

#13 mikedt, Nov 15, 2017
It's a cute logo, too bad not a cute company. I did unfortunately install the thing and it says that if the save is SD then if it is uninstalled it will take whatever's there with it. Is this some kind of blackmail? Is it true? I don't believe I have actually used it, but I want to be careful not to lose any pictures or videos because of it.
#14 Rgarner, Nov 15, 2017