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Cannot access NAS

I have 3 android devices 2 phones (7.1 & 6.0) and a tablet (4.1) none of which can access my NAS connected via usb to my router. I have several laptops (linux) that can access the NAS just fine. I'm using (or trying to) smb in all cases. My set up is:
Netgear WNR-3500L (stock firmware)
NAS configured for no password read or write

Yet my android devices cannot access the NAS.
I've tried 3 different File Managers:
but in each case they discover my NAS, report cannot find server or invalid use or password when trying to log on.
I've tried every combination of "guest", "all", "none", "anonymous" "blank" that I can think of, but NG.
I've also set the NAS to require user/password, entered the proper credentials, but still NG.
However, in each case they can access shared folders on my laptops that are configured to allow guests (no user/password).

I also tired AndSMB, again NG.

Oddly enough, I have VLC installed on the android devices and VLC can easily access the NAS.

Can someone give me a hint as to what the magic is to get my devices to access my NAS?
I've googled this for a week... NG on everything I've found.


#1 I Gotit, Nov 13, 2017
Thanks for the tips.
I've exhausted the entire app list at the TechRepublic site and still no luck.
I'm hesitant to go down the "open-e" path. Seems android should be able to access my NAS if other apps like VLC can do it with no problem.

The odd thing is, as mentioned in my original post, I've set my NAS for credentialed log-in, and android still can't get to it. However, I can get to all my other shares on my other laptops. I'm flat stumped.

Any other suggestions? I'd attach a log snipit if I knew how to get a log out of android (I'm new to android by 2 weeks).
#3 I Gotit, Nov 14, 2017
I can access my PC via wifi with android running windows 8, no issues.
NAS is uncharted waters for me. Can you use wifi instead of NAS?
#4 Dannydet, Nov 14, 2017
I am using WiFi to access my network. The NAS is a hd attached to the USB port on my router. All my laptops are using WiFi to access my network and can access the NSA. Only Android devices can't access the NSA. However, the Android's can access shares on the laptops via WiFi on my network.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding your WiFi question?
#5 I Gotit, Nov 14, 2017
As long as I've had Android, it can "see" all shared files on a PC via WiFi.
It never detects any extra drives connected by USB, to my knowledge.
#6 Dannydet, Nov 15, 2017