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Support Can anyone please confirm...? (Android Security)

Hi y'all! I've been a customer of Ally Bank for years, and they provide their customers the WebRoot SecureAnywhere security package at no cost. I figured a security package that's promoted by one of the world's biggest banks MUST be good! But I recently got an email about https://www.android.com/security-center/... I don't see that I have to install anything, it seems built-in to all Android devices, correct? And does it imply that I can uninstall the WebRoot SecureAnywhere security package that I've relied on for years?
Many thanks for any guidance!
Jeff :)


#1 FortKnox, Nov 14, 2017
In short, yes.

Fear-mongering headlines to the contrary, Android was designed from the ground-up to be a secure operating system - and it's only gotten more secure over the past ten years. Unlike Windows, you simply don't need a third-party antivirus application in order to be safe.

In fact, because of the way Android sandboxes applications from each other, a third-party antivirus app isn't actually able to examine the code of other apps to make sure they're legit. At best, these antivirus apps don't do anything at all other than consume your precious resources; I don't know much about WebRoot but I know many other AV vendors like to use scare tactics to coerce users into paying for "premium" protection. Yuck!

The truth is that Android already does a great job of protecting your device - and it has done so for years. The new "Play Protect" and related branding is just putting those protections front and center.
#2 codesplice, Nov 15, 2017