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Android beta program

The Android Beta Program refers to the beta OS releases - not anything available through Google Play. That tile will be there as long as you are running on a beta release of Android.

You can opt-out of the Android Beta Program at
#2 codesplice, Nov 15, 2017
Ok i did try on android beta page buut now i git a mess update failed
#3 clipps, Nov 15, 2017
Look at the build it.says i still have have android beta but im not enrolled in it according to the beta page where u can enroll
#4 clipps, Nov 15, 2017
Have you tried removing and re-adding your Google account on the phone? That can sometimes nudge the registration server. If that doesn't work, you might try enrolling and unenrolling again.
#5 codesplice, Nov 15, 2017