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right now, i have 3 cases.

spigen liquid crystal - nice case, pretty thing and has a lip on the front so he screen cannot touch the surface if placed face down. these clear cases do turn yellow after extensive use.

MNML case - very thin, which is the point. i like this case a lot, but its so thin the camera bump can still touch if placed down. i wish they made it just think enough so that wouldnt happen

Google Carbn fiber case - i just got this one yesterday. i have had several compliments on the look of it already. It doesnt add much bulk. Its slick and not very grippy, and there is hardly any lip so the screen can touch if placed face down


#2 JimKnuckles, Nov 14, 2017

Can you share pics of the Google Carbon Fiber?
#3 shalemail, Nov 14, 2017
IMG_20171114_211200.jpg IMG_20171114_211219.jpg IMG_20171114_211200.jpg IMG_20171114_211219.jpg IMG_20171114_211208.jpg
#4 JimKnuckles, Nov 14, 2017
I just ordered one of the carbon-colored fabric cases as well. I had a chance to touch one last week and I knew I needed to have it. They feel great - and look a lot cooler in person, too.
#5 codesplice, Nov 15, 2017
What would you say protection value is? With the curved front glass I had to go away from just standard TPU to a Spigen case that had a pronounced lip in front. How's the coverage on this?
#6 shalemail, Nov 15, 2017
The cheap, basic, clear TPU case I bought before I got the phone is almost perfect for me: little added bulk but some useful extra grip without hiding the phone's design. The only problem is that there's very little lip round the front, so it won't protect the screen when placed face down, and hence may not in a drop.

So I'm looking for one that is very similar but with a larger front lip. The Spigen looks like it adds more than I want to the width, while the Ringke would be fine except that diagonal design is a bit overstated for my tastes.

(What I usually end up doing with a new phone is buying multiple cases and then only using one of them after a few weeks, so I'm trying to avoid that this time!).
#7 Hadron, Nov 15, 2017
corners and sides are great. it doesnt offer much of a lip. i think if i were to drop the phone and it landed flush on the screen, there is good chance the screen could be damaged. but again, it would have to land flush on its face for that to happen
#8 JimKnuckles, Nov 15, 2017 Last edited: Nov 15, 2017
This is me 100% I had a couple TPU's waiting which both work well on the 2 XL but neither has enough of a lip to make up for the curved glass front. SO I got the Spigen, which is perfect. The funny thing is I've never broken a phone in my life. Even when I have had catastrophic drops with my Moto X and Nexus 6 both had TPU's neither got a scratch. I never dropped my Pixel, but it's TPU would have protected it if I had. I'm sure. This phone was a horse of another color. (Like you, I will probably end up with 5 cases for this, and use one 99% of the time.)

They do look fricking cool. I'm still on the hunt for something stylish that offers enough protection for me not to be paranoid. The search continues.
#9 shalemail, Nov 15, 2017
I've only broken a screen once, and it was something that no case would have helped: from shoulder height onto cobbles (so not a flat surface, and a lip around the display wouldn't have been enough).

A tempered glass screen protector probably would have done the job though. The only damage was a tiny chip, but since glass is under stress a crack developed from the corners across the whole screen - if a tempered glass protector had taken that impact I'm sure the screen underneath would have been fine. Given the drop it suffered though I actually thought my old HTC did rather well to get off with as little damage as it did.

Of course flip case would have saved it, but as I was using the phone at the time it's likely the screen wouldn't have been protected when it landed.
#10 Hadron, Nov 15, 2017
Yep, I love it.


Now this is on my Pixel 2, without the "3.5D" curved screen edges of the P2XL, but you can see that the lip does protrude enough in front of the screen to keep the glass from touching when placed face down: IMG_20171116_175707.jpg
#11 codesplice, Nov 17, 2017