Valiant Force 1.20.0 for Android - Download

Valiant Force 1.20.0 for Android - Download

RPG and strategy in the world of Arathos


Valiant Force is a strategic RPG where you recruit a group of legendary heroes to explore the world of Arathos. In a magical world is full of monsters and demons and your mission is to kill all those evil creatures who threaten the world's peace and order.

In Valiant Force, you can recruit more than 200 different heroes, each one with a different look and set of skills. Each hero also performs more than 40 different jobs: warrior, healer, archer, knight, wizard, etc. Putting together a reliable team will be a key aspect to winning the battles.

The battle strategy of Valiant Force is quite interesting since you can move your group of heroes on a 3x6 grid any way you please. Some heroes must challenge their enemy face to face while others can use their skills from a safe distance, but remember, managing your heroes well is the key to success.

Valiant Force is a strategic RPG with a thrilling battle strategy, awesome visuals, and a huge amount of content. However, the best part is that aside from the traditional historical mode, the game offers a PVP to test your heroes against other players worldwide.

Valiant Force 1.20.0 for Android - Download

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