Sky Whale 1.9.1 for Android - Download

Sky Whale 1.9.1 for Android - Download

A whale that surfs the skies


Sky Whale is an arcade game where you play a whale (it actually looks more like a narwal) that surfs the skies while collecting donuts ... as well as lots of other stuff that's scattered through the clouds. Sound crazy? It is! And also immensely fun.

The gameplay is really simple. Just tap the screen each time you want to move the whale forward. That said, each time you do you spend a donut, and if you run out of them you fall back into the water and the game is over. The goal, then, is to surf the skies while you use and collect donuts.

The further you go, the more fortune cookies you'll be able to get. You can use them to buy lots of different items to scatter around the skies: rolls of bills that make you move farther ahead, toilets, meditating monkeys, Mexican hats ... there are loads of items to unlock.

Sky Whale is a simple and fun arcade game, perfectly designed for touch screens. In fact, you can play it with just one finger, so it's really nice to play on public transport or while waiting in line.

Sky Whale 1.9.1 for Android - Download

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