Calls Blacklist 3.2.12 for Android - Download

Calls Blacklist 3.2.12 for Android - Download

A caller blacklist for your telephone


Calls Blacklist is a lightweight and simple app (taking up less than 1MB) that allows you to block calls and text messages from undesired sources. These can be specific numbers, private numbers, or simply any number you don´t have stored in your contacts.

As well as blocking incoming calls, the app lets you simply turn off call notifications all together; this way you receive the content but not the disturbance: a very useful feature on occasion.

You can create both a blacklist and a white list from within the app, depending on whether you want to receive calls from the numbers or not. The app can also be password controlled, just in case.

Calls Blacklist is a simple and easy to use tool that guarantees a little extra privacy than that generally offered by mobile phones.

Calls Blacklist 3.2.12 for Android - Download

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